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  • What timeframes does the indicator work on?
    This Indicator works with any timeframes from 5S to 1D. For beginners we recommend to start from 1H or 15M timeframe.
  • With what frequency does the indicator give signals?
    It depends on Indicator settings, timeframe and market volatility. You can manually set frequency of signals to suit your trading style, from dozens per day to few per moth.
  • Is indicator just for Bitcoin / Altcoins?
    Our Indicator works with any chart that is accessible on which includes crypto, stocks, traditional currencies, futures, bonds and precious metals.
  • Does the indicator work on mobile devices?
    Yes. Since the indicator is based on the TradingView platform, you can use it on any mobile device and receive notifications of signals.
  • Where can I see statistics of indicator signals?
    You can find detailed monthly statistics of indicator signals on this page:


  •  User Manual - TradeINEX: AI Signals

  •  User Manual - TradeINEX: AI Forecast

  •  User Manual - TradeINEX: Technical Analysis

  •  User Manual - TradeINEX: Fundamental

  •  User Manual - 
TradeINEX: AI Strategy

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