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TradeINEX™ - is a complex of powerful tools based on artificial intelligence for automating trading, investment, technical and fundamental analysis. It will lead you to a new level of profit in the crypto and stock markets!

Indicator: AI Signals

AI-based buy sell indicator - TradeINEX Trading Signals
Indicator's AI automatically makes market analysis and gives the most profitable trading strategy for any assets and timeframes.
Buy & Sell signals accuracy up to 97%.
Automatic self-adjustment.
Automatic stop-loss, trailingstop and take-profit levels.
Anti-flat and anti-false breakout systems.
Detailed trading statistics and strategy testing.
Trading with any exchanges and assets.

Indicator: AI Forecast

Chart price forecast by artificial intelligence TradeINEX
Unique tool for predicting the further price movement. The artificial intelligence based on machine learning and predictive modeling methods analyzes a huge data stream and builds a price forecast on the chart in real time.
Automatic forecasting the future price movement.
Predicting price up to 200 bars ahead.
Forecasting multi-year market cycles and seasonal fluctuations.
Work with most assets and timeframes.

Automatic Trading: AI Strategy Bot

Artificial intelligence will perform all trading operations on the exchange on autopilot! AI Trading Bot connects directly to the exchange, automatically creates trading positions, and locks in profits.
Full automation of exchange trading.
Direct connection to the exchange, no signal delays.
No need for third-party bots or applications.
Automatic price direction forecasting.
Automatic order placement and position opening.
Automatic locking in profits at take-profit levels.

Indicator: Technical Analysis

Automated technical analysis by AI indicator TradeINEX
Useful tool for automating technical analysis that shows the entire market structure on the chart:
Support and resistance levels, trend lines, price channels and ranges, dozens of candlestick patterns, horizontal levels of trading volumes, POC, BOS levels, imbalance zones, OTE, supply and demand, moving averages, pivot points and direction vectors of the future price movement.

Indicator: Fundamental

Fundamental analysis by AI indicator TradeINEX
Powerful analytical tool for investors, that will show the global market sentiment and price top and bottom pivot points.
With 30 powerful AI algorithms that simultaneously analyze the market, taking into account THOUSANDS of factors of fundamental, on-chain and technical analysis, this indicator will help you get the most profit from investing in cryptocurrencies.


1. Subscribe to get access to Indicators.

2. Receive access within a few hours and add indicator to the chart.

3. Receive AI-powered trading strategy with buy & sell signals, realtime market analysis and price forecasts.


4. Act on the given signals and start making profit!

Futures trading profit by AI indicator TradeINEX signals


“Big thank you to TradeINEX for your indicator! I started my trading journey about 1 month ago and have finally started becoming profitable. 40% in 5 days on account. $5k today alone. Thank you guys so much! I trade Bitcoin on the 1H timeframe and use TradeINEX Indicator.”

Project Manager

Adrian Miller

Subscription Plans


PROMOTION: Subscribe before the end of the month to get +2 additional indicators for FREE!

1 Month - 99 USDT


• Indicator: AI Trading Signals

+ Indicator: Technical Analysis

+ Indicator: Fundamental Analysis

12 Months - 299 USDT

-70% OFF

• Indicator: AI Trading Signals

+ Indicator: Technical Analysis

+ Indicator: Fundamental Analysis

+ Indicator: AI Forecast

+ Premium support

3 Months - 199 USDT

-30% OFF

• Indicator: AI Trading Signals

+ Indicator: Technical Analysis

+ Indicator: Fundamental Analysis


-80% OFF

• Indicator: AI Trading Signals

+ Indicator: Technical Analysis

+ Indicator: Fundamental Analysis

+ Indicator: AI Forecast

+ Strategy: AI Tarding Bot

+ Premium support

+ ALL our future products!

6 Months - 249 USDT

-60% OFF

• Indicator: AI Trading Signals

+ Indicator: Technical Analysis

+ Indicator: Fundamental Analysis


1. Make the payment according to the subscription plan you choose.

We accept payments with USDT Tether TRC20 (Tron network) or ERC20 (Ethereum network).

Payment Address USDT (TRC20): TP1KtRBresxMCaA7iG6ZjEQRuU6N7YaLJT

Payment Address USDT (ERC20): 0xF7B571fc8165ccB67362Ae9CF8D2663294d3A1c1

2. After that, fill out the subscription form below. 

3. We will connect indicators to your TradingView account in 12 hours.


For any questions, contact us via SUPPORT CHAT or CONTACT FORM.


Thanks for your message! We will verify your payment and send you further instructions as soon as possible.

  • What timeframes does the indicator work on?
    This Indicator works with any timeframes from 5S to 1D. For beginners we recommend to start from 1H or 15M timeframe.
  • With what frequency does the indicator give signals?
    It depends on Indicator settings, timeframe and market volatility. You can manually set frequency of signals to suit your trading style, from dozens per day to few per moth.
  • Is indicator just for Bitcoin / Altcoins?
    Our Indicator works with any chart that is accessible on which includes crypto, stocks, traditional currencies, futures, bonds and precious metals.
  • Does the indicator work on mobile devices?
    Yes. Since the indicator is based on the TradingView platform, you can use it on any mobile device and receive notifications of signals.
  • Where can I see statistics of indicator signals?
    You can find detailed monthly statistics of indicator signals on this page:
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