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Looking for AI-based software that can help you be successful in your trading decisions?
Indicator Trading Signals provides the most profitable trading strategy with Buy and Sell signals, stop-loss, trailingstop and take-profit levels. It's artificial intelligence is based on machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling that will lead you to a new level of profit.
AI-powered trading signals by indicator TradeINEX
• 3 most effective trading modes.
Trading signals accuracy up to 97%.
Auto-configuration for any timeframe.
Automatic stop-loss and trailing-stop.
Automatic take-profit levels.
Anti-flat system.
Anti-false breakouts protection.
Automatic detection trend lines and support/resistance levels.
Detailed trading statistics and strategy testing.
Trading with any exchanges and assets.
Who is the indicator for?

✔️ For beginner traders, as a basic trading strategy.

✔️ For experienced traders, as a powerful trading system.

✔️ For automated trading with bots.

Crypto futures exchange profit from trading by AI signals by indicator TradeINEX
How does the indicator works?

✅️️ The indicator works on TradingView charts. Just open the chart of your chosen trading pair and add the indicator. You can adjust it's parameters yourself or use auto-configuration by AI.

✅️️ Once the indicator is added to the chart, it's artificial intelligence based on machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling starts to analyze the chart taking into account a lot of market factors and build in real-time the most profitable trading strategy for you.

✅️️ You will receive signals to Buy or Sell an asset at the most favorable points of its price. Also, the indicator will give you a stop loss, take-profit levels and trailingstop line, as well as additional information such as support and resistance, trend lines, moving averages and pivot points.
Indicator TradeINEX AI trading signals interface
Trading statistics

✅️️ The built-in statistics module allows you to test the indicator settings, as well as predict potential profits based on previous data. This gives you complete control over your trading strategy. Statistics can be displayed:
• For all signals during the selected period.
• For each individual signal. 
• Separately for each take-profit level or trailingstop.
• Moreover, you can see fixed profit and maximum drawdown.
Indicator TradeINEX trading signals statistics
  • What timeframes does the indicator work on?
    This Indicator works with any timeframes from 5S to 1D. For beginners we recommend to start from 1H or 15M timeframe.
  • With what frequency does the indicator give signals?
    It depends on Indicator settings, timeframe and market volatility. You can manually set frequency of signals to suit your trading style, from dozens per day to few per moth.
  • Is indicator just for Bitcoin / Altcoins?
    Our Indicator works with any chart that is accessible on which includes crypto, stocks, traditional currencies, futures, bonds and precious metals.
  • Does the indicator work on mobile devices?
    Yes. Since the indicator is based on the TradingView platform, you can use it on any mobile device and receive notifications of signals.
  • Where can I see statistics of indicator signals?
    You can find detailed monthly statistics of indicator signals on this page:

If you still have questions, contact us via SUPPORT CHAT or CONTACT FORM.

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