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September 2023. Monthly statistics of the TradeINEX Indicator signals for BTC 1H.

The statistics for Bitcoin in September serve as a vivid example of our Anti-Flat system in action. In places where you see FLAT signs, there were supposed to be unprofitable trades due to manipulative price movements. However, our protection mechanisms worked, and all 6 signals became profitable:

  • Total price movement across all signals for the month: +30.82%

  • Maximum price movement for a single signal: +8.19%

  • Average price movement across signals: 5.13%

Here is the list of signals and their outcomes:

30.08 11:00 SHORT +7.4%

07.09 17:00 LONG +2.05%

08.09 10:00 SHORT +3.73%

12.09 03:00 LONG +6.59%

21.09 09:00 SHORT +2.86%

27.08 10:00 LONG +8.19%

With TradeINEX AI Strategy, you can potentially generate passive income through auto-trading. Here's an example of statistics for Bitcoin over one month on a 1-hour timeframe:

Percentage of profitable trades: 96.15%

Net profit for the month: 4,547.40 USDT

Average profit per trade: 174.90 USDT

Strategy Parameters:

Deposit size: 10,000 USDT

Position size: 1,000 USDT

Leverage: x50

TP1 level: 0.5% - profit take volume: 25%

TP2 level: 1.0% - profit take volume: 25%

TP3 level: 2.0% - profit take volume: 50%

TP4 level: 4.0% - profit take volume: 50%

Result of a long-term forecast from our AI

It's great to see that TradeINEX AI Forecast is providing valuable predictions and insights into price movements. Having an AI-driven forecasting tool can be a valuable addition to your trading strategy, as it can help you make more informed decisions about market direction and potential price trajectories. Combining AI forecasts with your trading strategy can enhance your trading results and improve your overall performance in the market.

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