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May 2024. Monthly statistics of TradeINEX AI Signals for BTC 1H.

🚀 Monthly statistics of the Indicator TradeINEX AI Signals for BTC 1H.

 In May 2024, the cryptocurrency market has begun to recover after correction. Our trading indicator TradeINEX AI Signals, as always, warned about this in advance! And even during the flat period it gave good entry points. Thanks to the latest updates, all 6 signals have become profitable, and built-in Anti-Flat System prevented losses from manipulative market movements.

🔹Total price movement by all signals: + 31.16%

🔹Maximum price movement: + 14.86%

🔹Average price movement: + 5.19%

List of signals:

03.05 13:00  LONG    +6.33%

07.05 23:00  SHORT  +3.53%

13.05 08:00  LONG    +14.86%

23.05 14:00  SHORT  +2.19%

27.05 15:00  LONG    +2.17%

28.05 05:00  SHORT  +2.08%

🚀 What passive income did our AI Bot TradeINEX earn in May?

Statistics of autimated trading:

💠 Percent profitable trades: 86.21%

💰 Net profit for the month: 264.72%

💰 Maximum profit per signal: 14.84%

💰 Average profit per signal: 5.19%

Bitcoin (BTC) price forecast by AI TradeINEX

Result of the forecast of the latest Bitcoin rise by our AI TradeINEX Forecast, which not only indicates the direction, but also builds the trajectory of further price movement.




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